Sunday, May 04, 2014

Everything and Nothing - Fitness and Nutrition

There's a lot going in my head these days. A lot of Everything and the calmness of Nothing. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my greater purpose and what else I am here (on Earth) to do. And left and right other outside events have occurred which only validate the path I am following. Owner of the NBA Clippers made some racist remarks which only fueled a fire on social consciousness and how, no matter what the product or idea is, we, as the consumer, have so much more power than we are utilizing. Peaches are showing up left and right and I am having to remember that not everything that 'falls' into your lap is for you. The wrong thing can be made very easy to do when it's wrapped up with a bow at your doorstep. Use discernment to determine if it's a gift or a trojan horse (c'mon 5th grade greek anthology class!).

And the latest event was a headache last week. I finally pinpointed the cause with some trial and error and with the help of google, determined it was caused by sensitivity of a tooth. Anyhow, that got me doing some research and I'm thinking I want to try the remineralization of tooth enamel through nutrition. There's some fascinating articles out there, but if you think about it - if someone breaks their arm, they put it in a cast and in a couple of weeks or months the bone repairs itself. Your tooth and bone are the same material, yet we've been trained to handle this with a drill. Anyhow, I'm very curioius to how this would work. Most of the websites reference a study done by Dr. Westin Price, and also this book: Cure Tooth Decay, which uses 3 main lifestyle changes: Remove Sugar, Remove Phytic Acid, and eat Raw Dairy and Nutriedn Rich Foods.

Great, I have some ideas of where to start. But what to eat and what to buy at the grocery store? I am not the type to want to figure my menu out for 3 hours and then go to the store for another hour then come back and cook. So, I was trying to figure this all out when I saw a lot of the nutrition surrounding this referenced the Paleo Diet. Bamm! There you have it. Aside from fruit (and you all know how much I love fruit) and cod liver oil (yuck, but I guess I will have to have) the remineralization techniques and the paleo diet are pretty spot on. So, I guess I'm giving this a whirl.

I ran The Biggest Loser Run/Walk on Saturday (5K) so I'm still on leftover energy from that, so this all fits in on being healthy, staying in shape, and creating a better nutritional regime.

So, wish me luck!! Ordering the Paleo Book now :)