Sunday, August 05, 2012

Story Cube #1

I was digging in the yard one day when I discovered some coins. I dug about 5 feet and brought them in. After I washed them off, I sat down at the table and counted out $99.42! I went to the bank and had them changed the coins to bills. This was more than enough money to get my nephew the basketball set he’s been wanting. I bought the set, including a hoop, and wrapped the ball into a box. When I presented it to him, he shook the box to tray and guess what it would be. He immediately threw it up in the air. We went outside to play when I realized I wasn’t nearly in as much shape as I used to be. That night I tried deadlifting 40 lbs and I shamelessly struggled. I had this bright idea to join a sports league so I would stay motivated.
Finally, I sat down and waited for my tea to cool. I was babysitting my nephew and, of course, he was being mischievous. He attempted to reach high up to see what I had in my cup. I looked at my watch, and as soon as I finished my tea it was time for my sister to pick up her son. I changed and went back to the grad lab to finish my experiment for the night.