Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Well, Here We Are

Today, my friends, I am sad. My friends are sad. I have never seen more depressing posts on Facebook than when Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson died.  The world was watching along with the United States all night last night and all morning today, waiting for the 2016 US Presidential election results but America has voted. Although Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, she did not win the necessary 270 electoral votes, and Donald Trump (Yes, Donald Trump) is the president-elect. Devastation does not even grasp my feelings right now. And it’s not because he is a Republican or because Hillary lost; it’s because this scary person will be in power - A person who wants to build a physical wall to prevent immigrants from coming in; A person who wants to ship all the illegal immigrants out who have been positively contributing to society just because they didn’t have their paperwork and separate them from their children; A person who wants to create even more loop holes for the wealthy and who I can’t count on for the poor or middle class; A person who treats all Muslims like terrorists and did not show any empathy in regards to the many shootings of Blacks by police; And lastly (but I'm sure there's more), a person who has encouraged physical violence and intimidation during his campaign.

It is about so much more than party lines, my friends. I think that is what Trump voters are not understanding. Republicans have control of the House, the Senate, and now the Presidency, but the kind of behavior I have seen from this President-elect is not the behavior fitting of the leader of the free world. A leader does not mock or isolate his constituents. So many are fearing that we are going to set the country back 100 or so years in the next 4 years. The fear is real. So it’s not just about me being sad my candidate didn’t win. I’m sad for humanity that someone so “wild” and “insulting” is the leader of my country.

So no, I will not be silent. I am exercising my First Amendment right, just as many of you exercised your right to vote. If this has been an Independent party candidate, or Ted Cruz, or any of the other Republican candidates, I would quietly concede. But y’all picked TRUMP? Mr. No-political-experience TRUMP? And it’s not even him – sure he’s loud and obnoxious, but at the end of the day he’s somewhat controllable or faces impeachment. But the scary part is the amount of people coming out in drones about being violent if you don’t agree with them. I have never seen so much ignorance than in the last year.

It is very important for the country to unite. We have had a rough year and just need to get back to “normal,” or whatever that is. In January when Mr. Trump is elected, I’ll take one for the team and acknowledge that he’s our president, but right now? I’m going to need a moment. I am going to continue to relish in the classy Obama family until President Barack Obama’s last day.  

I am happy to live in a country with a democracy, so as much as I don’t like the outcome, it is what it is. I am faithful that the checks and balances the founding fathers put in play will be useful so that the President does not try to overuse his power. I have even more reasons to get myself and my friends more involved in local politics so that we can keep an eye on the ‘wild child.’

And I have hope because I answer to a bigger power and I know that God has much bigger plans than we can imagine.
It will all be ok, but today, today I vent, so we can start anew tomorrow. You get a trump pass today; and then let's work on making sure his 'great again' is great for us too.
~My unusual political rant