Friday, December 21, 2012

Lessons Learned 2012

As we draw close to the end of the year, I can't believe how fast 2012 has flown by. Seriously, it was just February, and now we are getting ready for Christmas. Wow. But, as always, I take this time to reflect on the lessons that I've learned this year, some easy, and some hard. I'll allude to things certain readers may know about, but the big take away is that if you can't learn from your mistakes and failures, then what was the point? And if you can't see the silver lining from the dirt, where is the hope? In everything I do I try to live with no regrets, so here's reflecting on what's happened so far:

January thru September I learned about patience. I was challenged to just sit and wait to see what happened. I also learned to believe in myself and just do the thing that I love to do. You may not become a millionaire, but when you look back on your life you will be exceedingly pleased with your decisions.

February I was shocked. I thought I had a friend I could trust. Instead, I knew a person who was just trying to get what they wanted at no regard for anyone else - beg, lie and cheat. I learned that even the most well-educated, well dressed, charismatic person could be scum not worthy of the bottom of your shoe. I really learned what it meant to be naive and gullible and how some jokes no one comes clean to in the end. When all is said and done you just have to walk away, never knowing the truth, but trusting your gut.

In March I learned about heartbreak and how you can have your heart set on something and think it's yours, only to find out that it is not meant for you. It is not your dream. And when it is so close that you can taste it to the bottom of your soul, it feels as though it is being ripped out from under you. So close it hurts. I then learned about decision making. I had to decide what I was going to do. And I needed to be able to be happy with that decision and not resent myself or anyone else for making it.

In April I learned all about different cultures. I learned some Catalan, and some Italian, and brushed up on my Spanish. I saw the world, literally, and it was absolutely awesome. It's really eye-opening and if you haven't been outside of the comfort of your "world" you should check out someone else's. Especially somewhere where you don't know the language and have to rely on your other senses to get around and figure things out.

In May I learned about hope. I was reminded that God has a much bigger plan for me, and what I thought was heartbreak, was just me trying to plan something that wasn't for me to plan. I learned about making the best use of my time and really getting to know people better and not take things for granted. I learned how to enjoy the present just a little bit more.

June through August I learned what happens when you let go and just give it your all. I had a blast doing the things I was apprehensive about in March. I now understood how sometimes you wouldn't make the decision on your own and you need something to happen to make you realize where you are really meant to be. This is the 2nd time this has happened - when heartbreak really leads to exploring new endeavors. There are no coincidences ;)

September I learned that I do not have time for foolishness.  If you are not on Team "me" then I don't need you on my team. And as much as I like a good party, sometimes it's the more intimate setting that really makes you smile. I had a blast with close friends and family, and they are the ones that make me happy and the ones I want to get to know even better.

October I learned how to calm myself down as I frantically realized that I was running out of time to do all thing things I "needed" to do. Then I was smacked with a hurricane to make me realize that too much emphasis is put on material objects. Time spent in good company is priceless, regardless of the circumstance. And to be grateful for everything that God has provided me; I don't "need" anything more.

November taught me about the people that matter. I have a wide open heart and try to be inclusive of everyone, but that is not always reciprocated. In life you will meet friendly people. Some are meant to be just passers by, while others will hang around. It really is a learning lesson to tell the difference between the people your prioritize and the people that prioritize you. I am done making people priorities who have me as options. Done. For. Ever. (We all know this one will take some work ).

December has reminded me not to take anything for granted, including my own life. And to stop pouting about the things that are wrong and either fix them or deal with them. December has tested me and asked me if I choose to feel lonely, isolated, bored, angry, and all that jazz. You do not choose what happens to you, but you choose how you react to it.

And 2012, as the other years, has blessed me with insight to see my past situations and the opportunities to learn from.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!