Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's not about The Cup

So, originally, I was going to comment on this video here, which has become a media upcraze. In short, Josh Feurenstein, Christian Evangelist, has attacked Starbucks for removing snowflakes and reindeer and other symbols which are often linked to Christmas, and says that Starbucks has, as society has, continually watered down Christianity, and he's tired of it. The rebuttal came from Pete Dominick, political talk show host.

Immediately the debate is a wash because Pete calls Josh a bigot because he is anti-gay, and therefore all of his opinions are invalid. Again, we are not even discussing the topic at hand. So, while I don't support Josh or Pete, there are some interesting points on what commercial stores are doing that I think I'd like to take the time to voice.

****Again, I am no longer talking about Josh's rant; just the idea that this could possibly bother someone

The Starbucks cup is red because it's Christmastime. Let's face it. Let's stop kidding ourselves. If it were February, the cup would also be red. But I can guarantee the lid would not be green. If the cup were blue and white at this time of year, we'd presume that is for Chanukah. So, while Starbucks can say that everyone is able to celebrate in their own way, you made it red and green on purpose, because people like to celebrate Christmas. As a Christian, does it bother me that they've made the cup blank? Sure. If you are going to make it red and green then just go all the way. But, I'm not going to waste timing fighting that fight. I do think there are more important fights to fight. But someone standing up for what they believe and pointing out that fact is not necessarily a hateful person. (Generally speaking).

Stores want to rename the tree. I will not call it a Holiday Tree. It's a Christmas Tree. All around the country they are banning it or renaming it. Why? How does my celebrating a holiday offend you? You could just not shop at that time if you hate hearing holiday music, but you do want to take advantage of those sales . . . . I don't get it. But it bothered someone and they put up a fight. And it offends me that you want to rename it. But apparently the minority's voice doesn't matter.

You can walk around half-naked on the beach, but whip out a boob at the mall and you can get arrested. Public breastfeeding. Taboo. How does this relate? If we take the religion out of it, since it's such a touchy subject, the true matter is society telling us what is and is not ok. People not being able to celebrate their holidays and traditions because people who don't celebrate them are offended.

We ARE becoming a society where anything goes. Look at how tv and radio has changed in the last 20 years. The words you can say that you couldn't even bleep before. Who cares for those who get offended? It's a hypocritical situation, if you've never seen one before: "I'm going to curse and swear and do whatever I want on tv or radio, but you can't have your Christmas Tree, because it offends me."

Interesting. Are you really listening to what's going on? At some point, you will become offended. There will be some topic - race, religion, freedom of speech, technology, taxes, tuition, childcare, social security, pension, 401(k), road repair, food ban, smoking, where you will not be a 'them' And no one will care. That is the true problem. The people crying "offended" don't care if they offend you.

That, is the true issue. We have freedom of speech so that everyone's voice and opinion counts. Let's remember not to dismiss someone because they base their opinion on religion or something that you don't necessarily agree with.

It's not about the cup.

Food for thought.