Saturday, March 09, 2013

Be Yourself!!

I am exactly who I am. Sure, we could all do a little more work to make ourselves better, but our personalities, and the inherent characteristics that make us us, are simply that. They are engrained in our DNA. Ok, Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but my point is, that it takes years (30 years sometimes!) for us to figure out that the only rule we need to follow is be ourselves and the rest will follow. In high school we struggle to "find ourselves" and then we get to college and that self that we thought we were when we were a minor is earth shatteringly incorrect. We keep investigating and researching who it is that we are. We make friends based on who we are. We hang out with people that share the same interests as us. We make poor choices when we do things we know that deep down we really didn't want to do. We are influenced by peer pressure and the need to feel cool or accepted by our peers, our friends, and our family. And then there is that "ah ha" moment when you realize that you don't have time for these games, for these stupid rules that we made up to feel accepted by the world.

Recommended song to listen to while you read the rest: Bluebird by Sara bareilles

You realize that you are a circle and they are a square peg; and you are perfectly fine with that.

Wow, finally, you can unleash your creative and artsy side. You can try all those things you've always wanted to try. You can become the expert in the field of your choice. If you are lucky you have enough time to do all those things your inner self has been screaming about for so long. But, sometimes real life gets in the way and you realize this all too late. Perhaps you have kids now and it's not just about you, or you are sharing your life in marriage and you have to consider their dreams as well. Circumstances will dictate the extent to which you can pursue your dream, but There is no time like the present.

Well, in case you are still on your way to realizing some of these things, I've made a couple observations that I wish I had figured out years ago. And sure, people may have told me these exact things, but it's not until it impacts you or you have had a related experience where you really understand what it means.
  1. If a person wanted to make time for you they would have.
  2. Do you. Stop worrying so much and just live.
  3. Like attract likes. You attract the type of people based on the energy you give out
  4. Don't invest more than your rate of return
  5. Hold your tongue and listen
 I think these are pretty self explanatory. #4 and #1 are tied at the hip. Let's stop living in a world where we play stupid games with eachother instead of being direct and talking about how we feel. Until that happens, just realize ladies (and for some of the men) that when a guy tells you he is busy over and over he is too much of a coward to say he doesn't want to see you. Yeah, yeah sense my bittereness in that comment, lol. but it's true. People are too scared to say no that they just say nothing, thinking that's the same thing. It's not.

And when what you are giving is not matching what the other person is giving, stop giving as much. And soon you will see who you should be investing your time in. I've had to cut some friendships when I realized I was bending over backwards and doing backflips and I was just their backup friend. Ouch, talk about being blindsided. Oh well, you live and learn and you realize not to make the same mistake again.

Happy March!! Here's to learning what you do and do not have time for!!

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