Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Never Have I Ever

Blank       Space.  Cursor blinking. Wondering what should fill this void. Thoughts running by and stopping, some pausing for reflection. What is the message that I choose to convey? Do I even have a message?

Have you ever let your walls down so that the words just trickle out, so that you stop thinking about what to think so that the thoughts just flow like melted butter?

Have you ever met a person who makes you want to continually speak and be heard? You want to pour out everything you know into their ears so they can know every crevice and corner of your soul?

Have you ever?

Or are we so bent out of shape, that our own inhibitions cement brick after brick, until a shield, not even a wall, is up, up and away? So far up and so far away that even our reflection has a hard time attempting to knock.

Have you ever laid down with nature and just listened, not wondering what your next move was going to be or what that sound was, but just purely enjoyed what life was bestowing unto you?

Have you ever looked into someone's eyes while they were speaking and purely stared at their pupils, past the point of uncomfortableness, to the point of synchronization, where an alarm clock or cell phone or car horn could not distract your attention away?

Have you ever completely forgiven yourself for that thing you did 10 years ago when no one was looking? The thing that you will take to your grave and never get caught, but that haunts you like a 14th century plague?

Have you ever just let go so much that the sentences were just coming out like fire and words begin to blur meanings collide and all punctuation is lost as the continuation of one thought steps into another and its a magical time where you can just be and not worry about right or wrong not be judged but just be yourself a time where you can let your fingers do all the walking and completely expose yourself with walls down a new frame of mind a new outlook on line a new way to look at the very same blank page that just a minute ago you had no idea you would fill

If you have never, then consider now. Consider putting aside the technology and the mind games; of traveling back to a purer time where there was you, the grass, and a tree.

Sit by the tree

And just be.